Lawn Care & Treatment Specialists

Lawn Care & Treatment Specialists

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Lawn Care & Treatment Specialists

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Kingsbury Lawn Care | Lawn Treatment Service | Lawn Experts | This image is of the UK Lawn Care Association Logo

Winter Lawn Care

Control Weeds and Moss
Improve the Quality of Your Lawn

Beautiful lawns need care. They need year round professional lawn treatments. Start your journey with us today 


Kingsbury Lawn Care 

Lawn Care & Lawn Treatment Experts 

We are proud to be a local, award winning small business. We are made up of a small team of experts who are passionate about providing unrivalled service and results to you and your garden. Together, we create and maintain beautiful lawns.  

House proud homeowners love the visual impact that our service delivers. Our qualified and experienced operators bring the knowledge, machinery, products, passion and results of a greenkeeper to your home. Don't just take it from us - with more than 100 online reviews the health of your lawn couldn't be in better hands. 


Our Lawn Care Treatment Programme, along with our specialist Lawn Repair and Renovation work such as aeration, scarification and overseeding will help in making your grass the envy of your neighbourhood.


Our Lawn Care Treatment Programme Explained

Seasonal Lawn Care Advice

With us the Grass is Greener


Our Lawn Care treatment programme provides complete year round colour, health and controls for an attractive outdoor space to enjoy. 

Premier Lawn
Treatment Services

Seasonal Lawn Care Programme 

Beautiful Lawns Need Care

Both weeds and moss are a continuous threat in our largely cool, damp climate.
​ Lawns need treatments which utilise professional fertilisers to provide year-round health, colour and thickness. Lawns deserve balanced fertiliser applications which release nutrients gradually, without a sudden boom in growth. We possess in-depth knowledge of what your lawn requires, and how to get the very best from it with our range of products and services. 

Kingsbury Lawn Care | Lawn Treatment Service | Lawn Experts | This image is a graphic of the Kingsbury Lawn Care Annual Lawn Care Treatment Programme, made up of five specialist visits per year for lawn health

What our clients say

Why Choose Kingsbury Lawn Care for your
Lawn Care Needs? 



We have been members of the UK Lawn Care Association since 2015. We are committed to the highest standards of lawn care - a service which customers can trust. 



We are delighted to be highly valued by our clients with amazing feedback online. We relish working with homeowners to provide maximum value through our service and ongoing advice.


Our small team of technicians all have a turf management background or extensive lawn care training. We provide a service which could not be replicated by a franchise.



The environment is at the heart of what we do. We are in a minority of operators who are Lawn Assured accredited with product use and customer care at the forefront of our service.

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We are happy to provide an estimate for lawn treatment based on lawn size (m2) over the telephone now.

Book in for our full lawn survey which can be carried out with your first treatment - see a stronger, greener lawn within just a few days!

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