COVID-19 - Our Operating Procedure 

Updated 24th July 2020

Those that know our business and know us personally will understand that we have been, and continue to be committed in taking a pro-active part in dealing with the Coronavirus - COVID-19. We moved early to implement temporary changes in our service in time for week beginning Monday 16th March 2020. In what has been a rapidly changing situation, the latest guidelines for business can be viewed on the GOV.UK site.


We endeavour to not only operate within boundaries as set by Government, but to our own, more rigorous policy in order to safeguard the health of our team, customers, and the wider population. At all times our aim is to operate safely, in turn safeguarding jobs, and provide the Treasury with much needed income for our vital public services through our tax revenues. 

With the UK under 'Lockdown' at current (April 2020), our COVID-19 Operating Procedure achieves the above aims now, but will also serve to achieve these aims in the months to come. As much of the workforce is put back to work in the coming weeks and months they will be so under similar adaptations - where as ours will continue, rather than be loosened. 

Lawn Surveys

As we have been all year, we are open to requests for lawn surveys from prospective customers looking into using our award winning service. We have adapted our operations through:

  • Gaining as much information over the phone from you as we would require to send a quotation and perform a service. Gaining the required details over the phone helps to limit the personal contact required. We will provide a price estimate over the phone based on lawn size.

  • We can carry out a survey without any personal interaction if you so wish. If this is the case then please request this over the phone. A survey can be carried out with our findings and recommendations discussed over the phone. This type of survey is nothing new to us for customers working away from home, for example.

OR - complete our survey in person with a visual inspection while maintaining a social distance. For the absence of doubt, we require customers both current and prospective to keep a comfortable 2 metre distance - a van length, for our collective safety.

  • We will then email a quotation, and in many instances can carry out your first treatment on the spot - you can be both contacting us and seeing a difference in your lawn within a couple of weeks should you choose.

Current Customers

Confirming the treatment call

We will continue to send our service emails prior to our call. We are keen to ensure that you maintain the ability to raise questions or concerns about your lawn prior to our visit. If you wish to speak to us prior to your treatment, please respond to your visit email or contact us by phone.


We are unable to treat lawns where the only access is through your house - we require a side access regardless of age and risk group. 

Upon arrival


Your lawn care operative will upon arrival get straight to work with the booked call. Prior to COVID-19 we would ask customers to remove objects from the lawn area to be treated such as toys. If there are items to be moved we will do this as before, but please be aware that we will need to touch these. Some customers are choosing to prop gates open for their visit time. If you choose not to this is OK, but please be aware we will need to touch your gate in this instance. Our understanding is that the virus can only survive on many surfaces for a short number of days. It would be fair to state that having your lawn treated poses the same level of risk as having your bins collected.  


If you are in your garden when we arrive, we kindly request that you head inside for a tea break. As part of our service we use machinery and apply products to your lawns - we would request a safe distance of 2 metres for your own safety regardless of COVID-19. 

We love coffee ourselves, but please do not be offended if turn down the offer of a drink at the current time - or if we request more space to work.


On completing the treatment

We will knock your door upon completing your treatment, and walk away to the van in order to maintain a comfortable two metre distance. You can raise any questions you may have from your doorstep if you so wish. If you choose not to answer the door due to being in a vulnerable category, or are self-isolating then this is not a problem - we will note any findings on your condition report to be emailed. 


Our preferred method of payment is via BACS transfer upon emailed invoice, or via our direct debit provider, GoCardless. 

If cheque or cash is your only method of payment, please arrange to leave this in a safe place within a sealed envelope. Please make every effort to make payment via online means where possible - we have to handle these payments and make the additional journey to bank these.

For many customers, this operating procedure provides no change to that of previous, and to some customers only a minor change. 

We would like to say a huge thank you to customers for the kind messages of support received this spring. As above, we have done everything to bring you an uninterrupted service and must thank you for continuing to support small, local business such as ours. Please take heart that your collective loyalty has allowed us to pay our VAT, PAYE and Corporation Tax liabilities without delay during these unprecedented times - benefiting the economy and those in greater short term need. 


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