Cricket Square Renovation

As qualified groundsmen and keen cricket fans for good measure, we enjoy working with local cricket clubs for their end of season renovation works. We utilise top spec scarification equipment which is unaffordable for most sports clubs - making outsourcing just the scarification, or the full renovation come the end of the playing season a smart move. Previously we've assisted with the pitch preparation from age group village cricket through to working on test match pitches. Your playing surface couldn't be in safer hands! 

Our end of season renovations are typically made up of four key stages:

1) Aggressive scarification in two directions with our SISIS Mark 5 machinery. This removes volumes of thatch from the top 5mm of the playing surface while leaving behind neat grooves for the perfect seed bed.

2) Detailed clearance of debris via power sweeper, backpack blower and rotary mower.

3) Overseeding with a 100% dwarf ryegrass, and making an application of a pre-seed granular fertiliser. 

4) Top dressing with a compatible cricket loam at approximately 200kg per wicket. 

Due to the requirement for careful planning of labour, machinery and materials, we tend to be fully booked for September by the middle of summer. It's important that your club is organised for your end of season renovation work, if outsourcing the job or not with a narrow window to make the most of. The day after the final day of the season is the first day of the new season for your cricket square! 

Have a look at some of these now high-scoring Warwickshire League grounds we've worked on below. Drop us a message if you would like a quotation based on the number of wickets your square is made up of. 

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