Lawn Rescue

What is our Lawn Rescue service?

Our Lawn Rescue is the ultimate of lawn renovations. The programme of work we mastered following the 2018 drought as a method of reviving lawns where the only other option was to dig up and re-turf. Lawns which have lost much of their grass cover due to drought, grub damage, waterlogging or excessive use are prime candidates for this style of renovation. 

This process is made up of 'whatever it takes' aeration and scarification back to soil. Only the strongest grasses survive, or if required we can apply a herbicide for a completely fresh seed mix. We overseed heavily, apply our Water Conserver and top-dress these calls with a finely screened material ideal for our lawns and the best possible germination. This is a one-off call in addition to our Lawn Care Treatment Programme for a complete restoration. 

Our Lawn Rescue means:

  • A lawn grown in from scratch with the latest seed mix

  • A sports-ground standard 'end of season renovation' brought into your garden

  • Half of the cost of having your lawn re-turfed

As ex groundsman / greenkeepers we guarantee our autumn renovation work for complete piece of mind for your investment. Our next two lawn treatment visits include seed top-ups should they be required in a troublesome area. 

Specialist Lawn Restoration Service

We understand that every lawn is different. From our position as an independent lawn care provider we tailor our Lawn Rescue service to the requirements of your lawn. We want our Lawn Rescue to be a one-off job, so we will need to be working in partnership to gain the very best results both now and in the long term. 

Lawn Scarification and Aeration

Our Lawn Rescue service is a full lawn restoration - and this means aggressive scarification and aeration. We utilise sports-ground standard machinery to take the surface of your lawn back to soil, removing all dead matter. We punch thousands of holes through your lawn to oxygenate the soil for impressive germinate and its longer term health. 

Lawn Overseeding and Water Conservation

Following the creation of the best possible future home for our new lawn, we then overseed with a top rated professional lawn mix. Our rescued lawns benefit from a lovely even colour and are extremely healthy with very little thatch now present. We apply our Water Conserver as standard to aid with the watering requirements of a new lawn. We will be on hand for as much aftercare advice as needed.

Lawn Top-Dressing

The most noticeable difference upon the completion of a Lawn Rescue is top dressing. We top-dress each of these with a compost based top dressing. The gentle covering of material for seed provides the best possible germination - complete seed to soil contact. Our dressing helps to iron out minor undulations in the lawn surface and provides seed with important trace nutrients for germination. 

Unrivalled Lawn Restoration Results


Kingsbury Lawn Care are very reliable always turning up on time. They completely renovated my lawn in 2018. It was in very poor condition with a large amount covered in moss. Since then they have regularly treated it and it is now a lawn to be proud of. It has inspired me to improve the rest of the garden and I am enjoying the garden more than ever. I fully recommend them.

- Mrs Salter

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Complimentary Lawn Services

Carrying out some form of Lawn Renovation is an investment in your garden. It is of little benefit if the year-round maintenance of your lawn isn't up to scratch, and the lawn in the long-term reverts to how it was before. Our Lawn Care Treatment Programme is vital in order to control weeds and moss both before and after renovation and to provide vital nutrition to the thousands newly germinated grass plants.

Our Lawn Care Treatment Programme provides the professional layer of care required for a lawn to reach its potential through year-round lawn nutrition, moss and weed control, along with a soil improver application. Our programme has and continues to be refined to provide nothing but maximum value within each of our visits. Each visit includes a tailored 'Condition Report' from a member of our qualified team to gain the best possible results when working in partnership with us. 

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