Our Lawn Re-Starter

Do you think your lawn is beyond repair? Are you considering re-turfing?

Sometimes we need to be harsh with struggling lawns and give them the full works. Our Lawn Re-Starter is the full lawn makeover. We amaze customers with the results from our tested method with every season – with the renovation day cost at less than a third of the cost of re-turfing. Check out our estimate cost chart below.

Our Lawn Re-Starter Package includes the lawn treatments within our Lawn Basics or Standard Package, plus your Lawn Re-Starter Renovation Day in late spring or early autumn. This is a 7-step process as follows:
1) Hollow-tine aeration (double pass if necessary) 

2) Aggressive multi-pass scarification back to soil

3) Detailed clearance of debris

4) Heavy overseed with a top-rated mix (50g per m2)

5) Pre-seed fertiliser application

6) Specialist wetting agent application

7) Organic top dressing application (bulk bag delivery the day prior required)

Does my lawn really need this work?

This very much depends on the condition of your lawn and your short to medium term expectations. If a lawn is thin, and you're prepared to hold out for the perfect conditions, then our Overseed Package along with good maintenance may be suitable. We can discuss the requirements for your lawn within our free lawn survey
This package is best suited to lawns where grass cover is extremely thin, or where an excessive thatch layer has been allowed to build. Unless this is adequately removed via aggressive mechanical works, new seed will struggle.

How long would the 7-step process take?

This would depend on if it was being completed by a sole operator, or by both of our field team. We would be confident in completing a lawn no bigger than 250m2 in a single day. 

How often is this work required?
Our Lawn Re-Starter is a one-off. It would only be required again if the lawn was neglected in future. Our treatment programme would keep your newly sown lawn tip-top going forwards, providing the required nutrition for your lawn to thicken up in the early weeks and months, along with vital weed and moss control. We cannot take lawns on for this work without a willingness for treatments in the long term - the condition of the lawn would then regress undoing our hard work and your investment in your garden. 

Many lawns require a treatment if not two prior to their Lawn Re-Starter Renovation Day in order to deliver adequate nutrition to the soil, along with providing weed and moss control. There is never a bad time to get in touch, as we book quickly in peak times. 

When would you carry this work out?
We carry our many of these visits out during early autumn due to warm soil and autumn moisture. Conditions are as such that we’re able to GUARANTEE a full grass cover by spring on works carried out in autumn providing you’re on one of our Basic or Standard lawn care programmes. 
We can also carry out this work in late April and early May, but additional water will be required. We gain incredible results providing that enough water is applied – just as it would be required for new turf.

Would this work really cost less than a third of re-turfing my lawn?

Yes! All lawns over 100m2 come to less than a third of re-turfing from a reputable landscape gardening firm. See the below graphic for an idea of cost of our Lawn Re-Starter Rennovation Day Visit. This is inclusive of labour, materials and VAT, and excludes waste disposal.


*Re-turf price estimate only. KLC pricing accurate as of December 2019. 


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