Lawn Care Case Studies

We have seen and improved thousands of lawns. We relish bringing a little extra garden enjoyment to house-proud homeowners if that be for a lawn lover, or for an outdoor space for the family to play. Here, we want to show you in greater detail a handful of turnarounds and improvements. It could be that one of these lawns is something like your current view from your kitchen or patio. 

Lawn Renovation Sutton Coldfield

We were contacted by a homeowner in B75 with a rear lawn in a very poor condition following a period of extreme weather. This homeowner had a lawn care service previously and from our soil samples alone it was clear that high nitrogen fertilisers for rapid green-up and growth had been used for a number of years, without the required mechanical processes of scarification and aeration for a sustainable healthy lawn. We recommend a lawn renovation at least every 4 years, ideally more often for formal lawns and finer grass types.

Following a treatment to control weeds which had invaded some areas of thin grass cover, we carried out a lawn renovation made up of hollow-tine aeration, harsh scarification, overseeding, and some localised top-dressing. It's clear from our soil sample and the 7 tonne bags of dead matter from a lawn not 250m2 in size that this renovation was long overdue and was impacting water, air and nutrients from reaching the soil. 

With watering from the client that autumn and plenty of rainfall that winter the lawn soon starter to recover with germination within 10-12 days, and mowing resuming after 3-4 weeks. We continued to apply the correct nutrition and moss control across the winter. The lawn was mown deep into the year at a kind height of cut encouraging the new grasses to thicken. 

Pete Renno10.jpg

Ongoing Lawn Treatment Results

This lawn continues to benefit from our Lawn Care Treatment Programme with the calculated fertiliser inputs and soil improver application as standard. Weeds and moss are few and far between with a reduced thatch layer. We have since aerated this lawn to continue to aid water movement, and keep a close eye on the historical issues with localised dry patch. 

Moving forward, our Lawn Care Treatment Programme with our Water Conserver applications are advisable to keep the lawn thick and healthy, with a future renovation (hopefully without quite the same volume of debris!) required within the next two years. 

Results From a Single Treatment

We are able to bring our Lawn Care Treatment Programme to lawns of all shapes and sizes. This small lawn had not benefitted from a professional service previously, only DIY products. We viewed this lawn when it was suffering from weeds, moss growth and thin grass cover. With a sound soil structure and no underlying problems we were confident in quick results in this instance. We advised our client to trim overhanging bushes from the lawn to allow as much light in as possible, and on a healthy mowing height and frequency. 

The results below are from just the first lawn treatment from ourselves. This lawn benefits from our Lawn Care Treatment Programme to maintain the quality of the lawn all year around. 

Before and after2.jpg

The team have been tending to our lawn only since Feb. The service is professional and reliable. Would certainly recommend.

— Mrs Lewis-Hobbs

Before and after1.jpg

Large Lawn Restoration

Tamworth Almshouses - The Charity of Thomas Guy is a historical site in the heart of the Tamworth town centre. Following hosting Tamworth in Bloom for a number of years and possessing very well maintained grounds, the condition of the lawns had subsided with no lawn care programme in place besides mowing prior to making contact with ourselves.

With the volume of thatch and moss present, it was an easy decision that a renovation in the first year would be the best cause of action along with our Lawn Care Treatment Programme. With both the thickness of the dead material and the size of the lawns, every green bin on site and more were utilised! This deep clean of the lawns would later allow rain, fertiliser applications and air to reach the soil.

Recovery from our renovation work was swift, but stubborn more difficult to control were the next on our hit list. On our recommendation, the Almshouses mower was ungraded not only speeding up the job but providing a lovely stripe - gaining the most from our work.


Ongoing Lawn Treatment Results

The stubborn Field Woodrush and Yellow Flowering Clover are common lawn weeds which cannot be controlled with DIY products. Building a dense grass cover, our prior mechanical work, sound maintenance moving forwards and the application of professional selective herbicides would work to bring weeds under control, and for the healthy grasses to flourish into beautiful lawns once again. 

The Almshouses benefits from our Lawn Care Treatment Programme to maintain a dense, healthy grass cover - a site in which thousands of Tammies walk past every day. 

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