Lawn Maintenance

This page is a step by step on the two lawn care practices we depend on from our customers. Effective mowing and occasional watering goes hand in hand with our service, providing impressive results. Scroll down for the Watering Tool - find out with accuracy how much watering your lawn costs per week.


The process of mowing is the pruning of the grass plant. Frequent mowing is the building block of a fine lawn. By giving your lawn 30+ cuts per year at a healthy height, you will improve the density of the grass plants, helping to keep weeds and moss at bay.

  • Only a fool drifts from the one third rule. Never remove more than a third of the plant with any one cut. The lawn will lose colour and it will put the plant under stress, and nobody wants stress. If the length of the lawn has caught you out, reduce its height in stages or increase your mowing frequency. 

  • Keep your blades on the high side. Our services and products help to create great lawns - but they are not necessarily the best products for bowling greens which require different inputs. Mow no lower than a height of 25mm (1"). If there is no rain on the horizon during the months of May-August, increasing this height of cut is advised to maintain health and colour. 

  • Keep your blades sharp. Blunt blades tear the leaves of the grass plant - weakening it and increasing the risk of disease. If your machine is in need of its annual service, have a look at some of our trusted contacts.

  • If the weather is mild, continue to mow - even if this is during winter months. The requirement to mow lawns monthly through the winter is no longer uncommon. Do not mow when the lawn is waterlogged or frosty - pick your time to mow over the winter months. Lightly topping the lawn one bright afternoon following a few dry days would be perfect.



The grass plant is tough, but it is also like any other plant - it requires water in order to thrive. Fortunately, the Great British Isles provides an ideal climate for grass growth so the requirements for watering our lawns are largely low in comparison to other parts of the world. However recent hotter and dryer spells of weather have left gardens in need of more frequent watering. 

We recommend that lawns are watered to saturation level (approx 25mm or 1" of water) once per week during warm or dry weather. 

You may be concerned at the cost of this. The Watering Tool calculates how much it costs to apply 25mm of water to your lawn. 

This, for example could be for the ten most stressful weeks of the year for your lawn, usually within May - August. Water either early morning, or of an evening when evaporation rates are at their lowest.
Watering will be of more importance should the grass cover be thin, such as following mechanical work. 


If watering your lawn is impractical, raise the height of cut. The grass plant much like us is made up of two-thirds water - don't remove too much of this top growth to improve grass health and to protect the soil.

Do not water your lawn should temporary hosepipe restrictions be imposed.

If this is a little much in one go, do not fear! Our customers are kept up to date throughout the year via email with the latest seasonal tips. Good lawn care practices when combined with our lawn care services build fantastic lawns. 

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