Seasonal Lawn Care Programme 

Great lawns need care - they need treatments which utilise carefully sourced professional fertilisers to provide the year-round health, colour and thickness we desire. Rather than a diet of fast food, lawns deserve balanced fertiliser applications which release nutrient gradually, without a sudden boom in growth.

We utilise slow release granular fertilisers, used at professional sports grounds as the building blocks of nutrition to your lawn. After several years of treating lawns along with working within sports turf, we possess in-depth knowledge of what your lawn requires, and how to get the very best from it with our range of products and services.

Both weeds and moss are a continuous threat in our largely cool, damp climate. Every visit or ours includes the application of a professional weed or moss control, dependent on the time of year. All five of these visits are vital to maintain the health of your lawn - without these Basics visits, expect weed and moss growth to return when the conditions suit their development.


We take great pride in each of our treatments which following several years of research and use, are jam packed with everything a healthy lawn requires at the correct time of year. View our five seasonal treatments below.











Treatment 1
Spring (Feb-Apr)
Treatment 4 
Autumn (Oct-Dec)
Treatment 5 
Winter (Dec-Feb)
Treatment 2 
Early-Summer (Apr-Jun)
Treatment 3 
Late-Summer (Jun-Aug)

Scroll down, or select which of our specialist lawn treatments you'd like to read more about from the menu on the left. Each of our applications over these five visits has been carefully considered over a period of years to provide nothing but the best results to your lawn. If you would like us to help, just click below and the relevant seasonal treatment could be making a difference to your lawn within the coming days. 

T1 - Spring Lawn Treatment 

This treatment is designed to kick start the growth of your lawn with the increasing daylight and soil temperatures of spring. As soils start to dry out following winter, it's important that we encourage root growth into the vacated air pockets via aeration and through a granular fertiliser containing controlled nitrogen, potassium and micro-nutrients. We use a partially coated fertiliser during this period so your lawn will have access to both a quick lift following the rigors of winter, and also receives a controlled supply of food, lasting for around 10 weeks dependent on conditions. This fertiliser is temperature controlled - releasing nutrition as required should spring start mild or cool. 

This feed will improve the colour and strength of grass growth, and importantly urge roots to travel downwards. Regular mowing as growth improves will see lawns begin to thicken within a few short weeks.

Within this treatment, we also apply a liquid moss control which acts to dehydrate moss, and provide a greening effect to the turf. We carry out these treatments from February to early April so your lawn is ready to go as soon as spring arrives. 

T2 - Early-Summer Treatment

8-10 weeks later, we will return for our Early-Summer Treatment. We apply a further specialist fertiliser as the longevity of our spring fertiliser comes to an end. Given the rate of growth at this time of year, we apply a nitrogen based fertiliser to aid steady growth, without going overboard and encouraging excess thatch production. Maintaining a healthy height of cut, and mowing frequently will gain the very best from this product - your lawn will be looking ace within just a week or two of this treatment.

We then apply our main weed control of the year. With weeds also growing rapidly, our professional selective herbicides when applied at the correct rates will control a wide range of weeds. Recently germinated weeds will be eradicated and impressive control delivered to the vast majority of common lawn weeds. This may be applied as either a blanket spray or spot treatment dependent on the needs of your lawn. We carry out these treatments from late April to June for the best results on weeds.

For some lawns we will make applications of specialist wetting agent in order to protect from possible drought conditions, and reduce the requirement for irrigation through the height of summer. This product suspends water in the soil, providing a reserve should the healthy roots of your lawn require it. 

T3 - Late-Summer Treatment

Our previous treatments combined with good maintenance (mowing and watering as required) will continue the impressive appearance of your lawn throughout the summer also. During July and August we apply a balanced fertiliser which is a fully coated non-scorch product - packed with slow release nitrogen. This means that our fertiliser will only activate as soon as the lawn next receives a drink, should watering prove impractical. Even in more extreme conditions, this product will be in the soil ready to provide sharper recovery.

We also spot treat for recently germinated, and difficult to control weeds with a specialist weed control product. Our long standing customers lawns will have very few weeds at this point in time, but there may still be a few to control for newer customers, more so if conditions suit their growth, or if the maintenance of the lawn hasn't been ideal. Difficult weeds are best targeted in high summer for the drier conditions.

For some lawns, we will make a second and final application of wetting agent to protect through the harshest summer conditions. We will alert customers via their emailed condition report if we recommend a Lawn Renovation visit. Early-autumn is golden window for reducing thatch and overseeding.


T4 - Autumn Treatment 

After enjoying a lush lawn all summer, autumn is the time of year where damp, cool conditions leads to slower grass growth, and the encroachment of moss. Shady areas which sit wet will be prone to moss development from October onwards. With our applications, infestations of moss can be kept at bay. 

Some lawn care firms will apply ONLY a moss control at this time of year, but this does not reflect the needs of our lawns in our changing climate. Through using our lawn care service, our customer gain added value within this treatment rather than the minimum. We apply a granular Soil Improver with little need for a conventional NPK fertiliser, along with a liquid moss control product. Our Soil Improver:


1) Has an organic base which stimulates natural soil bacteria
2) A high humic acid content to aid root development
3) Adequate levels of mirco nutrients including Ca and Mg
4) Gently increases soil pH in acidic soils, allowing them to unlock nutrients

Repeated applications of Soil Improver will:

1) Continue the work of the above
2) The gypsum within the product will work to deflocculate the soil. Soil structure will be improved through the creation of a friable soil - allowing clay soils in particular to dry more quickly following rain.

In poorly performing soils or heavy clay soils, we recommend an additional, higher rate application of Soil Improver straight after one of our aerations. Getting this product deep into the soil quickly, at a time of year where there is rainfall to work this in gains amazing results. Add this treatment to your programme. 

It's vital that leaves are cleared from lawns throughout October and November - for the health of your lawn and so we can apply this treatment accurately and uniformly. Providing we do not need to reschedule this visit late into the season we can treat any newly developed rouge weeds. Complementary. 


T5 - Winter Treatment

Moss will continue to pose a threat to grass health through the winter months, more so if rainfall is persistent. With low light levels many lawns sit in the shade for long periods. Our winter treatment is a further liquid application, targeting moss growth and maintaining grass colour. Preventing moss growth now is vital for your lawn to thrive come our spring visit. 

Providing there is adequate access for a machine, and if your lawn didn't see our machinery in early-autumn, we will recommend a slit / solid tine aeration (spiking) of your lawn to be carried out largely during February. By opening air pockets deep in the soil, surface moisture can benefit the grass roots rather than moss spores. Roots will grow deeper into these air spaces, making for the best possible start to the year for your turf when combined with an additional Soil Improver application.

We can get to work right away with the relevant seasonal treatment within days of you contacting us and with our extensive knowledge, recommend the best course of action for your lawn and your requirements. Hit 'Get a Quote' now. 


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