Lawn Care in Lichfield, Burntwood and Fradley

Kingsbury Lawn Care are the local, award winning lawn treatment provider. Unlike many of our competitors we are uniquely positioned as a non-franchise with a small team of dedicated professionals to provide the care that your lawn would choose.

Kingsbury Lawn Care was established in 2014 by founder Jack Chapman with the goal of creating not just lush, green and weed free, but healthy and sustainable lawns. While managing a local cricket cub and carrying out mowing work from a young age, the practices he witnessed being carried out by franchised lawn treatment operators left much to be desired. Kingsbury Lawn Care brings the products and machinery, along with the touch of the genuine professional grounds person to homes in Lichfield, with a steadily growing customer base in surrounding Burntwood and Fradley also.


Our Lawn Care Treatment Programme includes the required fertiliser nutrition, weed and moss control all year around from five value for money visits. After several years of trial and research, our treatments are packed with maximum value and benefit to the lighter soils of Lichfield, Burntwood and Fradley with important slow release nutrition. Our programme even includes a granular soil improver to lift the slightly acidic pH level found locally. 

The local customer base benefit from our extensive machinery and knowledge when it comes to mechanical works. We relish the opportunity to aerate, scarify and overseed tired lawns at the correct time of year. The vast majority of new customers see the value in one of our mechanical packages in their first year with us to bring their lawn up to scratch. 

  • The Lichfield, Burntwood and Fradley area is looked after by senior technician Suzanne Kelly. With several hundred customers it's likely that we look after a property on your road or estate - allowing us to provide a quality yet cost effective service.

  • We are accustomed to the local issues of lighter soils, possible chafer grubs, localised dry patch, and acidic soils often found in Lichfield, Burntwood and Fradley.

  • We have and continue to take on lawns both in reasonable condition and those requiring one of our lawn renovation packages in the first year. As we are not a franchise constrained by set plans we can customise a renovation to suit your own, and your lawns requirements.

Can't fault Jack and his team. Very professional and hard working. My lawn has never looked better. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anybody!

A customer in Lichfield

Jack and Pete have done a fabulous job in the past year with the tired looking lawns. They are extremely reliable, professional and enthusiastic about the work they do. So pleased to support a business who take such pride and are motivated to keep improving their service.

A customer in Lichfield

Suzanne Kelly - senior lawn care technician for Lichfield, Burntwood and Fradley.

Our lawn was full of weeds, moss and all kind of rubbish. After a few visits from Kingsbury Lawn Care it soon started to improve. Now it is a lawn to be proud of thanks to their hard work and knowledge. 

A customer in Burntwood

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