Lawn Care Treatment Programme

What is the Lawn Care Treatment Programme?

Our Lawn Care Treatment Programme provides the professional layer of care required for a lawn to reach its potential. Simply mowing a lawn is a key part of good lawn care, but mowing only works to remove nutrients from the thousands of hungry grass plants which make up your lawn. DIY products provide a short-lived boost to your lawn which will lead to regular applications and risks such as burning your lawn in dry weather. Weeds and moss are an ongoing battle - professional products applied by a professional provides vastly superior results. 

Our Lawn Care Treatment Programme means:

  • No requirement for inferior DIY store purchases

  • No need to store a number of different products such as fertilisers and pesticides 

  • No risk to family,  pets or to your lawn in under and over application 

  • No more lawn care research required - you have a groundsman on hand

  • We save you time while gaining superior results

Our five-step Lawn Care Treatment Programme provides year round lawn nutrition, moss and weed control, along with a soil improver application. Our programme has and continues to be refined to provide nothing but maximum value within each our of each of our visits. Clients who work with us experience vastly improved lawns which are thick and lush - a healthy deep green centrepiece of your garden to be enjoyed. 

Kingsbury Lawn Care | Annual Lawn Treatment Programme | This image is a graphic of our Annual Lawn Care Treatment Programme, with each pet safe lawn treatment outlined

Bespoke Lawn Care Service

We understand that every lawn is different. From our position as an independent lawn care provider we tailor the applications within our Lawn Care Treatment Programme to the requirements of your lawns.


Our qualified technicians email a personal 'Condition Report' following every visit, allowing us to work as a partnership for the best possible care of your lawn.


The extra layer of maintenance that our Lawn Care Treatment Programme provides produces outstanding results to be proud of and enjoy.

Water Conservation

Watering lawns isn't for everyone. For many it's an environmental hurdle; for others it's time consuming. It's important to remember that there isn't a magic potion to stop a lawn from going brown over a dry spell - only regular water can do that. We work with our customers to get the very best out of their lawns by encouraging the raising of mower blades, and watering away from the heat of the day.


To help alleviate the problems of lawn drought stress and localised dry patch, we apply a specialist granular Water Conserver twice per year. This granular product provides the longevity that we seek in professional lawn care, versus a liquid. Our Water Conserver enhances the effectiveness of both natural rainfall and occasional watering of your lawn by up to 20%. This means that your lawn is to stay greener for longer in a period of extreme weather and, should it still brown, recovery will be far quicker on the other side. In an extreme year it could be the difference in avoiding more labour intensive lawn renovation work.

Kingsbury Lawn Care | Annual Lawn Treatment Programmee | This image is of an attractive large lawn in Nuneaton with lovely blue sky overhead

Soil Improver

Much of our service area is on clay based soil. Having plentiful experience on clay soils, we know how to get the best from them. Unfortunately our Lawn Care Treatment Programme or Soil Improver can't solve major drainage problems - we will still be working with a clay soil but we can seek to get the best from it. 

Our Soil Improver is a soil amendment containing plentiful gypsum: the benefits of which we rate highly enough for it to be a staple product within our Lawn Care Treatment Programme. Where a soil is a very poor quality, it needs applying at a higher rate, more frequently to gain the results we seek. 

The product makes soils more friable (easily crumbled), improving the deeper rootzone when applied following aeration. For troublesome clay based lawns, we carry out autumn aerations followed by a high rate application on an annual basis for continuous improvement. For lawn in need of scarification this application can be added into your Lawn Renovation.       

Exceptional Lawn Treatment Results

I have used Kingsbury Lawn Care for approx. five years and cannot fault their professional approach. I would highly recommend them and I look forward to another year have a beautifully maintained lawn. Thank you. 

— Mrs Wheatley


Over the 8 years that we have lived here we have tried several different Lawn treatment firms. Kingsbury Lawn Care is by far the best so far. they are very professional in every aspect of their work. Communication is superb and they always turn up exactly when they say. Highly recommended.

— Mr Stewart


Complimentary Lawn Services

All lawns require mechanical work in the form of aeration and scarification at some point. We recommend our thorough Lawn Renovation every 1-4 years dependent on grass types and your expectations.

The grass plant is a living thing which produces waste. When this production exceeds the rate in which it can compost naturally, this dead matter is described as thatch. Thatch is harmful in a lawn when this layer between grass and soil is more than a centimetre / half an inch. 

As true groundsmen, we possess the knowledge, skill and machinery to gain the very best from your lawn, and this can mean Lawn Renovation. View our dedicated Lawn Renovation page if your lawn is suffering from excessive moss, thatch and sparse grass cover. 

 Kingsbury Lawn Care | Annual Lawn Treatment Programme | This image is of a lawn during the process of scarification to remove thatch and moss from a lawn