COVID Secure Update - Regular Testing added for Kingsbury Lawn Care

Updated: Feb 2

Those that know our business and know us personally will understand that we have been, and continue to be committed to being pro-active in playing our part with regard combatting the COVID-19 pandemic.

We endeavour to not only operate within boundaries as set by Government, but to our own, more rigorous policy in order to safeguard the health of our team, customers, and the wider population. At all times our aim is to operate safely, in turn safeguarding jobs, and provide the Treasury with much needed income for our vital public services through our tax revenues.

The alterations that we made to our service in March have enabled us to work safety as an outdoor service with our team typically working in isolation. Our measures have been a huge success.

Regular Testing

As an addition to our current operating procedure with maintaining a safe social distance with customers, staff and public, as of 10th January 2021, the Government are now encouraging workers who cannot work from home to gain a weekly asymptomatic test. The most comprehensive information on this can be found via Warwickshire County Council.

With this roll-out of community testing, Kingsbury Lawn Care technicians from this week will be gaining weekly COVID tests.

We're making this commitment as an enhancement of our current measures as a way to protect those that we work with, our own families and our customers.

Ongoing Measures

Weekly testing will provide us with a snapshot in time as to if we are carrying COVID-19, and with this we will not be getting lax on our ongoing measures (email communications, 2m social distancing, hygiene) which served us so well in 2020. We continue to be open for business to both current and prospective customers. If you are considering contacting Kingsbury Lawn Care to make the most of your outdoor space in 2021 you can have maximum confidence in us, just as our current customers continue to do so.

Important Reminders

  • We email visit dates and reminders wherever possible. If you have a question about your upcoming treatment, please respond to our email or contact us by phone.

  • As prior to COVID, please remove objects / toys from lawns prior to our call.

  • As prior to COVID, should you not be in, or should you be unable to come to the door on completion on your treatment, you will gain an emailed lawn condition report from ourselves regardless. Regardless of if you are in a higher risk group we will be standing back from your door.

  • If you wish to come out onto the lawn with us for a survey this is no problem, but please respect a 2m distance at all times. We don't typically wear face coverings outdoors working alone and do not anticipate our customers to either - keeping a safe distance is far more important.

  • If you are working in your garden when we arrive, we kindly request that you keep a safe distance or head inside for a tea break. As part of our service we use machinery and apply products to your lawns and would request a safe distance for this regardless of COVID.

  • We have a preference for BACS payments if at all possible, but offer a number of options to our customers.

It may be early in the year but we already have a number of lawn surveys in the diary with important winter moss control treatments being applied at current. Call us on 01827 826123 or complete our contact form to start gaining the best from your lawn in 2021.