February Lawn Care Tips

February in most years can be viewed as a month for preparation when it comes to caring for your lawn. Leaves and debris should have been long removed, and with little grass growth it should be case that it's been easy to keep on top of the grass with regards to mowing. If you get the conditions to give the lawn a trim on a high setting then your lawn will benefit from this, aiming to remove no more than a third of the grass at the very most.

Getting machinery in for servicing this month is a must if you are yet to do so. Good mower servicing shops are always busy come spring so get onto the case now to be sure you have your machine in fine order for when growth resumes shortly. Mowing with a blunt mower blade is a major cause of red thread disease in lawns.

Kingsbury Lawn Care / lawn treatment service / this image shows flooding in Tamworth with a green lawn and van near
Flooding of the river Tame, Tamworth in late January as seen from Hopwas

What about moss?

Following a wet winter, and at times grass smothered in snow, lawns will have thinned out slightly with less light over the winter months, and moss will have taken advantage of areas of thin grass cover or on compacted lawns. For the majority of our lawns, the best thing for them between mid-February and mid-April is our spring lawn treatment. We apply a specialist granular fertiliser which is temperature controlled to provide lawns with the ideal food source as it is required for both steady top growth and root development. We also apply a liquid moss control which dehydrates the moss plants, stopping further growth in it's tracks. The two applications work together to improve the health, colour and thickness of your lawn. For some of our customers who are keen gardeners, we will advise that lightly scarifying their lawn prior to this visit will aid results. For lawns which are in need of more than a gentle scratch and require machinery, we will carry out a few Lawn Renovation calls made up of scarifying, aerating, and overseeding next month. If you want your garden to be a source of pride and enjoyment this year, you can view more on our website with our new for 2021 Lawn Care Treatment Programme video, or contact us on 01827 826123 to book your spring lawn treatment and free lawn survey.