Hello 2021!

Much like all of us, we are relieved to see the back of 2020! January is not a favourite month of the year, but hopefully within a couple of months we can turn a corner. We're a little way off yet, but the day Covid and Brexit leaves the news would be a delight to us all.

Kingsbury Lawn Care / lawn treatment experts / this image is of managing director Jack Chapman

Our business continued to develop throughout 2020 and into 2021 is no different for us. Behind the scenes we've been working hard to induct new members to our team and enhance our skills, upgrades to our machinery and continuously enhancing the value we deliver to our clients. Where as in some instances in 2020 some businesses were forced on the go-slow and into survival mode we've been incredibly fortunate to avoid major issues from the pandemic. We hope you'll notice some of these exciting changes shortly.

With regards to COVID-19 we continue to operate to the same measures which have kept us safe and well since March 2020. It is very important to us that we keep our team and our clients safe in the coming months, and to give us the best chance to avoid isolation difficulties so we can continue to bring an uninterrupted service. We're nosediving straight in with our winter treatments following our Christmas break, adding much needed moss control and colour to our lawns in the coming weeks. We're excited to be involved in the UK Lawn Care Association Annual Conference this month also - it's first time online. The days are getting longer, and the countdown to a more hopeful spring begins here! In the meantime, take the greatest of care. Jack Chapman


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