How to Replace an Unhealthy Lawn with Thick Lush Green Grass!

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A healthy lawn in Nuneaton just cut between heavy showers!

We view many lawns and every single one of those is different - which helps to make our day-to-day work so fantastic. The requirements, soil types, shade, level of use, prior maintenance (even the width of the gate!) are all things we frantically take note of within our lawn survey. A great number of lawns are full of untapped potential even if the homeowner views the lawn as a disaster zone. Some lawns take a number of months before we're delighted with the results, where as with some we know we can make a huge difference with just a sole treatment combined with good care.

With this blog post we're going to look at the three quick wins you can make for a marked turnaround in your lawn care fortunes with summer finally with us!

Lawn Food

Your lawn needs a level of fertiliser. This is due to the removing cuttings from the lawn and a level of nutrient leeching from the soil. By not topping up the soil with any goodness, simply the health of your grass can only head downwards without some food.

When reading the label on garden centre products, you will find that these need to be reapplied every 2-3 weeks due to the low nutrient analysis and the quick, non-coated forms of nitrogen. Look to purchase fertiliser with a longevity of 10-12 weeks for less time spend fertilising and better results. The same 'flush' of lawn growth is not the same from a slow release product as it is a quick release.

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Lawns can be turned around quickly in many cases

With our bulk purchasing and us operating in all local postcodes, it often works out cheaper still (after the cost of purchasing a dependable spreader and sprayer and multiple products for the shed) to have us purchase, supply and apply professional products to your lawn.


A DIY product may require water immediately following application to avoid the risk of scorching the grass. Many slow release products such as our own don't do this (otherwise we wouldn't be able to feed lawns all summer) but watering shortly following application if there is no rain will speed up the results possible - all the more so when combined with mild weather. We recommend watering established turf deeply but infrequently in hot, dry spells. This allows the roots of the grass plants to search deep for water, lessening its dependence on the hosepipe in periods of drought. Consider the installation of a water-butt to harvest rainwater.


Our third and final quick win for your lawn is frequent mowing. With fertiliser and water present, mowing at a kind height taking not more than a third off the grass with a single cut will encourage your lawn to thicken further.

We recommend not mowing your lawn any lower than an inch / 25mm and to mow your lawn at least once per week May-September when growth is at its peak. It is also vital you don't forget about mowing through the winter months, where in mild conditions your lawn may still need mowing every 2-4 weeks dependent on growth. We've a couple of dedicated mowing blogs to be of further help on this one:

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Regular mowing is vital for an attractive lawn

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Can we be of further help?

We work in partnership with homeowners for the best possible care of lawns. Not only do we supply and apply professional products, but we work with homeowners with regular tailored advice and ongoing monthly newsletters. You've a professional groundsman on your side of the fence. You can contact us on 01827 826123 or complete our 'Contact Us' form if we can be of further help.


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