Lawn Repair & Renovation - The Results!

Just in case you hadn't gathered from elsewhere on our lawn blog, we love lawn renovations! The results that we can gain with the correct work, the best turf brains and machinery for the job are second to none. We wanted to show an example project of ours.

Sutton Coldfield Lawn Renovation

This Sutton Coldfield lawn we inherited was in a very sorry state following a prolonged drought. The thatch layer (dead matter) that was building up without the recommendation of scarification from the previous lawn care provider meant that this lawn was in a very unhealthy state. With so much thatch it was acting as a barrier to water and fertiliser from reaching the soil. Much of the grass had perished in the recent extreme conditions and in order for new seed to thrive, aggressive work was now required in order for us to plant new grass seed into the soil.

What Did We Recommend?

  • Aggressive scarification to remove vast levels of thatch

  • Hollow-tine aeration to open up air pockets in the soil

  • Overseeding to restore grass coverage

  • A wetting agent application due to areas of localised dry patch

  • Some limited top-dressing to restore surface levels

  • An ongoing lawn care programme which provides a considered approach to fertiliser use given over-application of nitrogen increases thatch production

  • Possible future deep aeration to further improve the soil structure

When getting stuck into our lawn renovation, he volume of thatch removed from this lawn was substantial even by our standards. Without a thorough job, seed would not germinate if not planted into soil. Seed to soil contact is vital when looking to achieve germination.

An ongoing lawn care programme is vital to the success of renovation work. Grass seedlings need fertiliser after a few weeks in order for the grass to thicken out into an attractive lawn. Moss control applications prevent moss from invading areas of the lawn which may be slower to thicken out. As with all of our autumn renovations, within our lawn care programme we guarantee seed germination. As true professionals we are not happy ourselves until we have a full grass coverage. This means if required us topping up seed with our autumn / winter / spring visits should an area prove troublesome - but this is rarely the case.

As per this more recent image, the re-establishment of this lawn has been a major success. From removing no less than seven tonnes bags of moss and thatch from this lawn, it is in a far healthier position. We continue to visit every 9-10 weeks as part of our annual lawn care treatment programme. If our lawn treatment or lawn repair and renovation services are what you lawn may need, contact us today on 01827 826123 or complete or 'Contact Us' form. Our busiest ever renovation season is just around the corner - don't miss out!


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