Spring Lawn Care Tips

Updated: Mar 18

March is viewed as the first month of spring for many which brings some hope in 2021. It is unlikely your lawn knows it just yet as soil temperatures are always a little slower than air temperature to increase. You may find that there is a lag of a week or two before you notice your lawn start to respond to warmer conditions. If your lawn isn't too soft, it's important to resume mowing shortly if you have yet to do so this year. It is vital that with any one cut we remove no more than a third of the grass to avoid placing it under stress. With the ground likely softer than when you last cut the lawn, it's important that you start on a high setting to be safe. Make sure you are mowing with a sharp mower blade. It will make all the difference to the quality of cut and the health of your lawn. Red thread disease in lawns can be seen almost all year around. Most lawns will require a couple of cuts during March.

Now could also be a good time to tidy up the edges of your lawn with a half-moon tool, or any garden jobs that you're a little behind on with the darkest and coldest weather now behind us. With the Easter weekend at the very start of April, it could be here that you start to get back on top of the rest of the garden.

Kingsbury Lawn Care | Lawn Treatment Service | This image is of a freshly mown large lawn in neat stripes
Look to mow the lawn but take care in doing so. There's plenty to catch up on in the garden!

What about moss?

Following a wet winter, and at times grass smothered in snow, lawns will have thinned out slightly with less light over the winter months, and moss will have taken advantage of areas of thin grass cover or on compacted lawns. For the majority of our lawns, the best thing for them between mid-February and mid-April is our spring lawn treatment. We apply a specialist granular fertiliser which is temperature controlled to provide lawns with the ideal food source as it is required for both steady top growth and root development. We also apply a liquid moss control which dehydrates the moss plants, stopping further growth in it's tracks. The two applications work together to improve the health, colour and thickness of your lawn. For some of our customers who are keen gardeners, we will advise that they lightly scarify their lawns prior to this visit for the best results. For lawns which need professional machinery, we will carry out Lawn Renovation calls made up of scarifying, aerating, and overseeding.

What about weeds?

Weeds can be controlled with success when they are actively growing. The first half of March isn't prime time for weed control, but towards the end of the month and into April we will make weed control applications where appropriate. DIY products do not have the same effectiveness as professional controls. As one of few BASIS Lawn Assured accredited operators, you can be sure that your lawn is in safe hands. If you want your garden to be a source of pride and enjoyment this year, you can book your spring lawn treatment over the phone on 01827 826123.

Kingsbury Lawn Care | Lawn Treatment Service | This image is a graphic showing the Kingsbury Lawn Care Lawn Care Treatment Programme
We will have our Spring Starter Fertiliser visits completed by mid-April