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Into May! Deep into the COVID-19 restrictions, us lone workers are starting to go a little crazy. The weather has been largely lovely to the point our lawns are on the edge of needing a good soaking on a weekly basis, but looking amazing at this point in time.

We're making a start on our Early-Summer lawn treatment round which we carry out largely across May and June. This is vital for the continued health of the grass plant. With growth soon to hit it's peak, it's important that that a continuous source of food is available in the soil to support this, providing the thick, lush lawn we desire. May / June is also the ideal time to be hitting difficult to control weeds, such as yellow flowering clover, field woodrush, and even attempt to knock the toughest of the lot - slender speedwell as it starts to come into flower shortly. With many locked own at home right now, and only venturing out with caution in the coming months, we're doing what we can to enable as much joy as possible to be found in the garden this summer. Here's a short video from the boss man Jack on what we are doing at the moment and why. Enjoy!

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