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We feel it's best to share as much winter cheer as we can muster! We had a couple of things come to fruition in the second half of 2020 that not only merit their own blog post, but are big lifts to our business as we enter another action packed year.

BASIS Lawn Assured

Following lockdown assessment delays, late last year we were delighted to enter a minority of lawn care operators to be accredited with BASIS Lawn Assured. This accreditation will help to ensure a consistent and high standard of practice within the professional lawn care sector. It underlines our commitment to our team, our customers and importantly the environment. BASIS Auditing and Compliance Manager Lindsay Smith explained; “The new standard has been launched in response to industry demand and aims to help lawn care contractors demonstrate that they’re operating in a responsible manner to both the public and the regulatory authorities,” she says. “The benchmarking standard also removes any variability across the industry, ensuring a consistent level of performance”. All current and future clients of Kingsbury Lawn Care can be assured that each current and future technician of ours is working to these higher standards of chemical storage, transportation and usage.

Kingsbury Lawn Care / lawn treatment service / this image is of the BASIS Lawn Assured logo

Theo Paphitis Small Business Sunday Winners

In the autumn, we were delighted to be named a winner of Ex BBC Dragon's Den, Theo Paphitis Small Business Sunday. For our small business to gain the attention of a leading retail tycoon was a real boost to our Twitter following and network.

Kingsbury Lawn Care / lawn treatment service / this image is of a golden retriever named Billy wearing green sunglasses

Each Sunday, Theo asks his half a million Twitter followers within a single Tweet to explain why their small business should be one of of his SBS winners. Following the use of lovely lawns in prior weeks we managed to crack him with a carefully worded Tweet about our small business along with this photo of Billy! Theo must love dogs too.

Theo Paphitis said: “We are thrilled to welcome new #SBS members every week and highlight just how important it is to support our small businesses here in the UK. My vision is that everyone who has ever won an #SBS re-tweet from me becomes part of a friendly club; like-minded individuals who can share successes and learnings. The website will also give a valuable profile to the winners chosen and I wish Kingsbury Lawn Care every success.”


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