The Best Lawn Care Company for You?

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

here are a number of lawn care businesses in all shapes and sizes. Every company is going to think they are the best, but the truth is one business can't be best suited to everyone and any one time. Here is our attempt at an unbiased overview of what you should be looking for... Independent vs Franchise The majority of lawn care operations are branches of the original company. In many instances they're able to be lower on cost due to purchasing power, but at the same time pay royalties to HQ to retain their territory. In our experience of vast customers we have picked up after using a franchise, much depends on the person running the branch and their staff. The lawn care knowledge, standard of work and service will vary between territories. We have certain postcodes we have a flow of ex franchise customers, whereas in others we do not. With this in mind, we would suggest viewing every lawn care provider as it is - as it's own small business!

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Online Reviews / Online Presence What is posted online isn't always true. When a number of people are saying the same thing, the likelihood of it being an accurate reflection increases. Have a look into the type of business you want to support and work with before contacting them. A bit of information now could go a long way. Are they a part of any industry bodies or organisations?

First Impressions

Any company who is seeking your business you would expect to answer your call straight away, or respond to your enquiry within a working day. You would expect them to install confidence that they have the solution to your problem. You would certainly expect them to talk about their service with a high degree of enthusiasm and knowledge.

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We believe that to be working on our customers lawns that this knowledge, training and experience should run deeper than a pesticide application qualification alone. Barring annual leave and reorganising of routes you should gain the same technician or two with your treatments who knows you and your lawns. Do you know who will be on your property or could it be a new face?


Does the lawn suffer in certain conditions and is the explanation for underperformance rational?

We believe that lawn care companies who advertise themselves as experts should be providing experts who enjoy having their knowledge put to the test.