Renovation Aftercare

Caring for a turf surface after renovation works is an annual occurrence for a sports club, but this will not be the case for a domestic lawn providing it is cared for. If you've had one of our Lawn Re-Starter Renovation D then it's a case of no half measures from us - it is major surgery. Unless extremely lucky with the weather, your lawn will require vital TLC from yourself in the coming weeks in order to gain the best results. We only carry out important mechanical works at the correct time of year, but water will be required regardless. Here are our best tips for the best lawn. 

If you're a step too far ahead, read more about our lawn renovation process and view approximate costs verses re-turfing your lawn. We would only advise re-turfing uneven lawns or where an instant result is required. Check out our trusted contacts for other businesses that might be able to help with this.


Keep off the grass (as much as reasonably possible)


Your lawn is very delicate at this point in time – thousands of new grass plants have been sown and are fighting to absorb as much water as possible to put down its first roots. Your lawn will be strong enough to cope with light traffic after 6 weeks but until then, be gentle. Ideally you would only be on the lawn to mow before this time - take care with turns an only on a high setting, of course.


Water daily (at least)


After major surgery, just as we would need to keep well hydrated, so will your lawn. Do not assume that rain will be enough – not yet. It is vital that the top centimetre of soil is kept moist to provide the best conditions for germination for the thousands of new plants. After two weeks with the first new shoots present, this can be reduced to a deeper watering, every other day in order to encourage roots deeper, and allow the lawn to dry out enough to get mowing. If there isn't the level of new shoots as pictured below after 10-12 days then you are most likely behind with the level of irrigation being supplied.

Mowing – there’s a lot of it to come!                                                                                                           


You should carry out the first cut of the lawn within three to four weeks of renovation. The grass will be 30-40mm long at this point. The exact timing will depend on many factors; it is vital that you pick a dry day, keeping the blades high, removing no more than a quarter of the plant with the first few cuts. From here you should be mowing twice per week, and watering as often as every other day for the next month if the weather is not helpful.


What next?


After approximately 6 weeks, your new lawn will be well established with a handful of cuts completed. The pre-seed fertiliser that was applied at the time of renovation will have now been used by the plants.  We will return to check progress, adding further seed if required and carry out the next lawn treatment, vital for your lawn to continue to strengthen. If the maintenance of the renovated lawn isn’t up to scratch, with time it will revert to the standard of your old lawn.


For your lawn to continue to strengthen from this position, it is advisable that you keep up the new good habits of mowing as required 1-2 times per week while the lawn is growing well, and watering deeply 1-2 times per week when the weather is hot and dry.                       

Check out or Lawn Maintenance page for help on more standard lawn care. Alternatively, there is vast information available within our Blog. If you have any problems or questions regarding the above at any point, just drop us a line and we’ll get back to you with help and advice.

Below is an example of one of our lawns in the days and in the months following renovation work. Previously, this lawn was a thatchy, straw-like surface made up of dead matter. Regular mowing and watering when combined with our work produces excellent results. Our renovation work as seen as with our Lawn Rescue is the starting point for a number of our lawn care customers.

This heavy work equates to around half the cost of having your lawn re-turfed. In the long run our treatments are extremely cost effective to keep your lawn at its very best, preventing a future major outlay.


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