Lawn Renovation

Unlike some, as professional groundsmen we relish carrying our quality mechanical work. It's tough going at times yes, but the correct mechanical work carried out in the right conditions produces outstanding lawns. It's often underestimated the difference that high quality mechanical work will make to a lawn. Our Lawn Renovation's are unrivalled in the local area given our sports-ground level machinery and expertise. 

What does a Lawn Renovation from ourselves include?

This includes the five visits within our Lawn Care Programme, plus a specialist early-autumn renovation visit which is made up of six key stages:

1) Aggressive 2-4 pass scarification with sports-ground quality equipment

2) Detailed clearance of debris via a combination of blowers, rakes and rotary mowing

3) Deep or hollow-tine aeration
4) Overseeding with a top rated professional seed mix
5) A brushed finish for optimal seed to soil contact and enhanced germination
6) A seed check / top-up with your next lawn care visit if required 


What is the need for a Lawn Renovation visit?

Like all plants, grass produces waste over time in the form of dead leaves, stems and old grass cuttings. This debris accumulates to form a layer of matter found between fresh growth and soil know as thatch. Lawns with an established thatch layer are spongey to walk on - the true picture can be seen through our free lawn survey. Thatch is harmful to a healthy lawn, acting as a blanket for air, water and fertiliser. The mechanical work within our Lawn Renovation targets thatch and allows us to overseed into soil, rather than attempting to grow grass in an anaerobic surface. 

If the depth of thatch demands more extensive work, where the surface of the lawn needs stripping back to soil to achieve good germination along with top-dressing, we may recommend our Lawn Re-Starter in the first instance. 






















How did all this thatch get here?


Thatch is naturally occurring in turf, more rapidly in intensively managed surfaces with high nitrogen inputs. Some of our competitors provide lawns with a fast food diet, and these are the ones while often need the most work with the most thatch. There are many other maintenance practices which can limit thatch production such as frequent mowing at a healthy height and at least annual aeration. Some grasses will produce thatch as a quicker rate than others, such as creeping grasses and weed grasses. 

How often is this work required?

This is an excellent package in that it can be used both to bring a lawn up to scratch in the first year before reverting to our Standard Package, or it can be an annual job if a formal lawn is sought. Dependent on the standard of lawn you wish to maintain, we would suggest a Lawn Renovation visit every 1-4 years.

When is this work carried out?

The best time of year for more aggressive and detailed lawn works is between mid-August and early October. We only carry out important mechanical work at the correct time of year. Early autumn provides us with warm soil temperatures and moisture soon to arrive. Warm soil temperatures are vital for quick, strong recovery. Autumn rainfall shortly following the completion of these works provides us with the best possible seed germination - irrigating if rain doesn't arrive straight away is advisable. 

We can carry out some lighter works during the spring, but with a narrow window to hit this fills quickly. With the soil colder and rainfall less predictable verses autumn, it is largely advisable to run with seasonal treatments in spring / summer, or go for our Lawn Re-Starter and have a wetting agent application and top-dressing applied for the best possible germination. 

How much does this visit cost?

Our Overseed visits are extremely cost effective for the operations carried out and the results we achieve. An example 140m2 lawn area coming to just £309 (£2.21 per m2)* for this professional grade machine work and operation, inclusive of labour, materials and VAT, excluding waste removal. This work carried out yourself would cost greatly for the hire of inferior machines, purchase of grass seed, without considering transport and carrying out the work of a groundsman / greenkeeper with the accompanied piece of mind.

This visit / package can be either booked in from the outset or considered later on - we email customers in summer to plan for our autumn works should they be required. 

*Figure as of October 2020. 

Get in touch for your free lawn survey - we record the depth of thatch and use the information gathered to make tailored recommendations.

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