Lawn Repair and Renovation

What is Lawn Repair and Renovation?

Our Lawn Repair & Renovation is a specialist mechanical lawn care call made up of a minimum of the cultural lawn care processes of scarification (powered raking), aeration (mechanical spiking), and overseeding. All lawns need a form renovation every few years in order to remove dead matter, thatch and moss from the surface, to provide the most important nutrient to your lawn - oxygen - and to replenish the lawn with the latest seed mix.

Raking your lawn with a lawn-rake style machine is a handy light scarifying tool for a keen gardener. Having professional machinery on your lawn every 1-4 years will achieve a far more thorough job for sub-surface thatch removal, deep aeration and therefore the best possible seed germination.

Our Lawn Repair and Renovation means:


  • No need to buy, hire, store or maintain additional machinery

  • No need to buy and store grass seed 

  • No need to carry out the hard labour required

  • No risk of a DIY scarifying nightmare

  • Peace of mind that your lawn is in the safest possible hands

  • Excellent value for money with three specialist operations in one - working in harmony for the best results

We believe our Lawn Repair and Renovation service is unrivalled in the local area with specialist lawn care work carried out by a professional groundsman. We have the tools, skills and machinery required to create healthy, sustainable lawns through cultural means. We're so confident in our people and our process that we're happy to guarantee our autumn renovation work for complete peace of mind for your investment.

Specialist Lawn Renovation Services

We understand that every lawn is different. From our position as an independent lawn care provider we tailor our Lawn Repair & Renovation service to the requirements of your lawn. Our Lawn Survey highlights the underlying causes of common lawn problems which our Renovation works to resolve. We only carry out mechanical work at the correct time of year and with the best possible machinery to create maximum value to the appearance of your home and garden. 

Lawn Scarification and Aeration

Our scarification process is made up of multiple passes in order to remove vast levels of unhealthy sub-surface thatch - a contributing factor to many common lawn issues. We use professional machinery with fixed blades designed to operate below the thatch layer. The grooves left behind from thorough scarification are ideal when overseeding.

We carry out lawn aeration with aim of creating as many holes as possible, as deep as possible in lawns. Not only is this a key process for re-oxygenating turf, but these holes will become home to deep, healthy grass roots in conjunction with our Lawn Care Treatment Programme. 

Kingsbury Lawn Care | Lawn Repair, Restoration & Renovation | This image is of a core removed from a lawn showing a cross section of a thick thatch layer

Lawn Overseeding

Like any other plant, grass must be planted in the soil to grow. Overseeding following our mechanical work gives us the freedom to carry out the most thorough job possible, and provides us a golden time for the best possible germination, with holes and grooves from our professional machinery present. All of our lawn renovations include a complimentary seed check 6-8 weeks later with the next seasonal visit of our Lawn Care Treatment Programme. 

Water Conservation and Soil Improver

We have the knowledge and products to gain the very best from your Lawn Renovation. We can include a Water Conserver application on light soils, where lawns may be competing with trees for moisture, or where the turf condition of localised dry patch is present. Our Soil Improver is best suited to heavy and poor soils which commonly sit waterlogged.

Unrivalled Lawn Renovation Results


After poor experiences with several franchised lawn care firms, we discovered Kingsbury, a local independent, and have been using them for a year. Jack works amazingly hard and clearly takes pride in his work (his scarifying of our lawn involved about 15 passes, not the 2 or 3 others have been satisfied with!) Highly recommended for treatments and full renovations.

— Helen A

1 June 2020.jpg

— Helen A


Complimentary Lawn Services

Lawns are very hardy, but they are not exempt from extreme weather conditions of drought and waterlogging, grub damage and excessive use. When grass cover has been devastated to the point we need to top-dress a lawn, then our Lawn Rescue is the solution. 


We can aggressively renovate and grow a lawn in from scratch at half the cost of returfing. Watering requirements and the results are the same, just a few extra weeks of patience is required. 

Kingsbury Lawn Care | Lawn Repair, Restoration & Renovation | This image is of a lawn following our Lawn Rescue. It has been seeded and top dressed for the best possible result

Carrying out some form of Lawn Renovation is an investment in your garden. It is of little benefit if the year-round maintenance of your lawn isn't up to scratch, and the lawn in the long-term reverts to how it was before. Our Lawn Care Treatment Programme is vital in order to control weeds and moss both before and after renovation and to provide vital nutrition to the thousands of newly germinated grass plants.

Our Lawn Care Treatment Programme provides the professional layer of care required for a lawn to reach its potential through year-round lawn nutrition, moss and weed control, along with a soil improver application. Our programme has and continues to be refined to provide nothing but maximum value within each of our visits. Each visit includes a tailored 'Condition Report' from a member of our qualified team to gain the best possible results when working in partnership with us. 

Kingsbury Lawn Care | Lawn Repair, Restoration & Renovation | This image is of an attractive lawn following lawn treatments in Sutton Coldfield