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Lawn Care Terms and Conditions

May 18, 2017

Terms and conditions:

Kingsbury Lawn Care – “The Company”


1. All work undertaken by The Company is done so in line with the terms and conditions set out below. By requesting Kingsbury Lawn Care to undertake any work the customer is deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.  These terms and conditions may change in line with business requirements, and The Company will update if so.


2. All materials are property of The Company until paid for in full.


3. Unless payment is made at the time of the service provided, all other payments are shall be made within 7 days of the relevant invoice, unless agreed otherwise, by cash/BACS/ cheque in cleared funds without any set off, withholding or deduction.


4. Any client wishing to make a late payment must arrange this with The Company at their earliest convenience; failure to do so may incur late payment fees, which will be applied from the 7th day from the date of the first invoice (When 5% will be added to the invoice total, this will be followed by further increments of 10% for each subsequent reminder that The Company issues).


5. The Company accepts no liability for damage to utilities / hidden structures unless the position of said utilities / hidden structures is clearly identified on a site plan.


6. The Company does not offer waste removal at the current time as part of their services. The cost to the business to provide waste removal is excessive to that of the customer utilising council waste removal services or composting.


7. Garden furniture, toys etc – The Company cannot be held responsible for any breakages to garden items needing moving in order to complete our work. Every care will be taken whilst moving items, but sometimes accidents can happen.


8. If access to the site is prevented on the date of a scheduled visit or if less than 48 hours’ notice is given The Company reserve the right to charge for the visit in full, and charge a premium should there be long grass to contend with for the next visit. Every customer can gain email reminders from The Company to avoid such situations.


9. The removal of litter or dog excrement from the site is the responsibility of the client. If the above prevents The Company from carrying out or services, the The Company reserve the right to charge for the visit in full, and charge a premium should there be long grass to contend with for the next visit. Every customer can gain email reminders from The Company to avoid such situations.


10. If there is limited dog excrement, the responsible lawn care operative may continue previously arranged services, in order to treat the lawn or keep the grass to a manageable height; however the customer should not expect the same high standard of work. 


11. Grass cutting – prior to commencement of grass cutting we will remove moveable obstacles from the area to be cut. Wherever possible, we will cut the entire of grassed areas for intended use, taking care to collect cuttings and leave a clean finish of a high industry standard. The Company will not be held responsible for small amounts of grass clumping due to difficult weather conditions, or where grass has previously been left high.


12. The Company will continue mowing work where the responsible lawn care operative deems ground conditions fit to do so. If in our opinion ground conditions become unfit for any reason, we will do our best to reschedule your visit for as soon as possible, but this is not a given if conditions are due to be poor in following days.


13. Hedges – When maintaining hedges the specified price is to remove the last 3-6 months growth, reduction work will be quoted separately by us. We will carry out hedge trimming where possible, outside the bird nesting season March-July inclusive. If we find an occupied birds nest whilst hedge trimming work will cease and the client will be informed.  Work will re-commence as soon as possible after the area becomes unoccupied.


14. Pesticides – The Company will ensure that pesticide application is carried out when weather conditions are suitable. Spraying will be carried out by fully qualified NPTC operators, and in compliance with all statutory requirements. Weather depending, we will carry out spraying when programmed. 


15. The Company accepts no responsibility for accidental breakages arising from our work. Any reparation payment or works that may be made is solely at the discretion of The Company and admits no fault or liability.


16. Damage caused to property due to stones and other items left in the lawn: The Company cannot be held responsible for damage caused by small stones and other items left in the clients’ lawn. While we try to take every care around pebbled/landscaped areas, the client is responsible for ensuring stones aren’t in the lawn itself.


17. Termination of Contract - The Company intention is to ensure that the Customer’s requirements are satisfied at all times. However, executive authority is with the Customer.


18. Responsibilities The Company responsibility is limited to these Terms and Conditions (except in respect of death or personal injury resulting from the negligence of The Company, its servants or agents)  The Company shall not be liable for any claim for direct or indirect consequential loss, injury or damage whatsoever made by the customer or any third party against The Company arising out of or in connection with any defect in the services whether or not such defect is directly or indirectly, wholly or in part caused by the negligent act, omission, default or neglect of The Company, its servants, or agents, or whether or not such defect amounts to a breach of a fundamental terms of a primary obligation of the contract or fundamental breach thereof.










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