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Why Autumn For Lawn Scarification?

August 5, 2018

Early to mid-autumn is the best time of year to scarify your lawn - if that be DIY or through a lawn care service (read here how important scarification is to the future colour and density of your lawn). Unfortunately, few lawn care companies complete this operation at the correct time of year, and this is why they should be. 


Lawn Recovery!


First things first, lawns cannot recover when they are not growing, or soon not to be growing if that be through winter dormancy or as highlighted this year (2018), possible drought stress. This rules out (dependent on weather extremes and exact location) November until late February, and late May until mid-August. 


What About Spring?

Spring comes in at a good second place. We take on the majority of our new customers during spring, and many need scarifying ASAP in order to move forwards that year. Problems can include a slow recovery due to a low soil temperature in March (possible frosts stunting growth) and then a dry month for April or May, and airbourne weed seeds. Not only have we created space for healthier grass plants but often numerous dandelions! That isn't enough to stop us when it is the best course of action in that given instance however - our lawn care programme makes light work of young weeds. 


Long Autumns? 


In recent years, autumn has seemed to drag its feet. Some leaves still on trees and the sound of mowers in December have become the norm, whereas our spring weather has become a little more unpredictable. This long autumn weather full of atlantic rain and mild soil temperatures is the perfect recovery time for your lawn during months it's unlikely to be used with shorter days. 


 Autumn - a little more predictable? Note the autumn temperatures and consistency of rainfall over that of March / April.



When do you want the lawn ready for? 


In a normal UK summer (not one of these) doesn't tend to last all that long - opportunities for long, warm evenings with the BBQ aren't all that common, but tend to show themselves between June and August. Given scarifying is the most aggressive maintenance operation carried out on your lawn, if you do have a thatch layer building under your feet, September or October is without doubt the best time to address it. 

Holding out until spring is not the best time to deal with your struggling lawn, the time is now to get in touch! 


 Plenty of moss and thatch on the way out of this lawn!




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